November 17, 2014 - Ten years ago on November 17, 2004, CDX Corporation opened its first restaurant operation in Seattle. The company's flagship cafe located at 7th and Virginia has seen the north end of downtown transforming from a sleepy part of the Seattle downtown to a bustling hotbed of tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook over the past 10 years of its existence. After ten years of uninterrupted services aided by generous support from its landlord, the U.S. Courthouse and the U.S. General Service Administration, the cafe has became a favorite diner for many downtown workers and residents who look for quality, made-to-order meals at affordable prices.


On this 10-year anniversary date, the cafe's General Manager, Alan Amamoto, celebrated the cafe's 10-year anniversary with customers with special meals prepared for the occasion. The company is grateful for the dedicated services of its staff, and loyal patronage of its customers, for the past 10 years.