About Us - CDXCO
CDX Corporation is a family-owned company focusing on management of restaurants and specialty retail operations at commercial, government and corporate establishments. The company was founded in 2004 and operates a number of restaurants and cafes in the State of Washington, including U.S. Courthouse Cafe in Seattle. The company is in process of developing new, unique restaurant concepts and is seeking new locations for expansion. The company's latest concept, Wasabi Express, will be launched in early Spring 2017. 
CDX understands the key to success takes uncompromising commitment to quality, dedication to customer service, and excellence in customer satisfaction, and each day we strive to deliver these performance goals. We believe in old-fashioned work ethics and customer-first philosophy, but we also invest heavily in innovating business processes and bringing forth new ideas and new concepts into our products and services. After all, despite our growth and success, CDX is still a family-run business where our clients and customers routinely get personal attention of its management members. Because we work for our clients and customers, we are always responsive to our client's and customer's needs.